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iLoveIMG's free online tool converts JPG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP & more to high-quality PNGs. Easy batch processingand no Software Download needed,

In the digital world, transparency plays an important role. The PNG (Portable Network Graphic) format is great for logos, web graphics, and artwork because it makes backgrounds invisible, creating sharp and versatile images. But how do you convert your existing photos and images to PNG? Don't worry! iLoveIMG, this easy-to-use online tool is for you. Makes photo-to-PNG conversion quick and easy.

Supported Format

Despite the name "Photos", iLoveIMG is not limited to just images! It can convert many types of files to PNG:

  • Common Images: Easily convert JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and WebP to transparent PNG.
  • Vector Graphics: Make them transparent by converting them to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • Lesser-used formats: Convert even less-used formats like ICO (icon), which is useful for web designers and developers.

Convert Multiple Images at Once

Just like Photo to JPEG, iLoveIMG lets you convert multiple photos to PNG at once. This feature is extremely useful for large projects or those that need to quickly convert multiple images to PNG format.

Maintaining Quality

1) Lossless Conversion:

Example: If you are converting your company logo or complex graphic to PNG, you may want to choose this option. It will accurately preserve every detail and color in your image, making it look sharp and clear.


  • Best image quality.
  • Transparency maintains information.
  • Perfect for logos, icons and graphics.


  • Large file size.
  • More storage space required.

2) Reduced File Size:

Example: You may want to choose this option if you are posting photos on social media or sending multiple images via email. This will reduce some image quality, but significantly reduce file size, making sharing and storage easier.


  • Small file size.
  • Less storage space required.
  • Perfect for web and social media.


  • Slightly lower image quality.
  • Transparency may decrease.

How to choose:

Choosing the right option when you convert to PNG depends on your specific needs and preferences. Select "Flawless Conversion" if image quality is a top priority. If file size reduction is more important, select "Reduced file size".

Converts JPG to PNG

1) Visit iLoveIMG: Visit and select the "Convert" tab. Select "Convert to PNG" from the drop-down menu.

2) Select Photos: Click the "Select Files" button and select the photos you want to convert. You can select multiple photos at a time. You can also drag and drop photos directly to the "Drop Files" area.

3) Select Quality: You will get two options:

  • Lossless: This will maintain the original quality of your images, but the file size will be larger.
  • Reduced File Size: This will reduce the file size, but reduce the quality to a small extent. Choose according to your needs.

4) Convert: Click the "Convert" button and wait for the conversion process to complete.

5) Download PNG: Once the conversion is complete, you will have the option to download your PNG images individually or as a compressed ZIP file.

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