About Us

iLoveIMG understands that in today's digital world, images are very important. Whether you're editing photos for social media, optimizing images for your website, or just looking to edit personal photos, you need a powerful and easy-to-use tool. And that's what iLoveIMG gives you!

Born from a Simple Goal

Founded in 2024, iLoveIMG started with a simple goal: to provide free and easy-to-use tools for online image editing to everyone. We believe that everyone, even without complex software or design skills, should have tools to improve their images and make them attractive.

A Suite of Tools at Your Fingertips

We provide you with many tools for image editing, available right in your web browser. Converting to popular formats like JPG, PNG and GIF, resizing, cropping and compressing photos - iLoveIMG gives you full control over your images.

Innovation and User Focus at Our Core

We are constantly bringing you new and exciting features. Our team of dedicated developers are working tirelessly to ensure an easy and fun user experience for you. Whether you are tech savvy or a beginner, iLoveIMG is very easy to learn and use.

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