Photo to AVIF Converter

iLoveIMG's free photo to AVIF converter shrinks file sizes without sacrificing quality! Convert JPGs, PNGs and more to next-gen AVIF format for faster loading web pages & apps.

In today's digital world, image optimization is very important for a good user experience for a website. Large images make websites take time to load, which annoys users and may cause them to avoid using the website. The solution to this problem is iLoveIMG's Photo to AVIF Converter. It is a great tool that reduces the size of images without changing their quality.

What is AVIF?

AVIF is a new image format based on the AV1 video codec. Over traditional formats like JPG and PNG, AVIF offers several advantages:

Better compression: AVIF uses advanced compression technology, making file sizes significantly smaller than JPGs while maintaining comparable image quality. This means you can store your images in less space and upload them to the web faster.

High image fidelity: AVIF supports features such as high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG), resulting in more realistic and attractive images. This is especially useful for photos with rich colors and details.

Improved web performance: Smaller file sizes translate into faster loading times, which improves website performance and user experience. This means that people visiting your website will see images faster and have a better experience.

Why Use iLoveIMG's Photo to AVIF Converter?

Do you want to convert your photos to AVIF? Then iLoveIMG is the perfect choice for you! iLoveIMG is a great tool for your photo-to-AVIF Converter needs for several reasons:

Effortless Conversion: No need to download software! Simply upload your photos and the iLoveIMG web-based platform will complete the conversion process for you.

User-friendly interface: iLoveIMG's intuitive design is easy to use, so you can convert your photos to AVIF without any technical knowledge.

Batch Processing: Save time and convert multiple photos at once. iLoveIMG lets you streamline the workflow for large image collections.

Free and accessible: iLoveIMG's basic photo-to-AVIF conversion feature is completely free, making it a budget-friendly option.

iLoveIMG's Photo to AVIF Converter

  • Visit iLoveIMG: Go to the "Convert to AVIF" page (
  • Upload Photos: Select one or multiple photos and upload them.
  • Select Quality (Optional): iLoveIMG balances good quality and small size. Choose the one you want.
  • Convert: Press the "Convert Image" button.
  • Download AVIF files: Once the conversion is complete, download the new AVIF image.
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