Photo to TGA Converter

Convert JPG, PNG, WEBP Photos to high-quality TGA files with iLoveIMG's free online tool. Perfect for textures and 3D projects. Batch processing, Easy Drag & Drop.

In the world of digital graphics, 3D artists and game developers often have to work with images in a variety of formats. While common formats like photo and JPEG are good, they don't provide the flexibility and features needed for 3D modeling and texturing. This is where the Targa (TGA) image file format comes in.

TGA is a powerful and versatile format that offers many advantages, such as an alpha channel (transparency), giving artists more freedom to create complex objects and effects. Additionally, TGA uses lossless compression, which reduces file size without losing image quality. But how do you convert your existing photos and images into usable TGA? iLoveIMG is a powerful and easy-to-use online tool that allows you to do this with ease.

Supported Formats for TGA Conversion

More than a photo? iLoveIMG has something for you! Besides common image formats like JPG and PNG, you can convert many types of files to TGA.

Convert Multiple Images

Imagine you have 500 portfolio photos that you want to convert to TGA. With iLoveIMG's "Bulk Conversion" feature, you can upload them all at once and convert them with a click. Imagine how much time this saves than converting each image separately. You Can Convert 20 Photos at a Time.

Customization Options

With alpha channel:

This option preserves the transparency information from your original image. This means that your TGA file will have an alpha channel, which contains a level of transparency (from 0 to 255) for each pixel. It is useful in 3D modeling and graphics design, especially when creating realistic scenes, where there may be transparent elements (such as leaves, smoke or hair).

Without alpha channel:

This option removes the alpha channel from the TGA file. This means that your TGA file will be slightly smaller, but it will not contain any transparency information. This is perfect for photos and other images that don't require transparency.

Convert Photos to TGA

  • Visit iLoveIMG.
  • Click "Convert to TGA". This will take you to the "Convert" page.
  • Click the "Select Image" button. You can select photos from your computer or directly drag and drop them.
  • (Optional) Select an alpha channel. Select the "Preserve Alpha Channel" checkbox if your photos have transparency. This will include transparency information in your TGA files.
  • Click the "Convert" button. iLoveIMG will convert your photos to TGA format.
  • Download your TGA files. After the conversion is complete,
Application offline!