Photo to BMP Converter

iLoveIMG's free photo to BMP converter handles all your legacy needs! Effortlessly convert JPGs, PNGs and more to BMP format for compatibility with older software and systems.

The digital world is changing rapidly, new technologies are coming. But sometimes, older file formats are also needed. This includes the BMP (Bitmap) format. Although the file size is not suitable for the Internet, it is still necessary for certain tasks. BMP Converter from iLoveIMG comes in handy in such situations. It makes your work easier by linking old software and modern image formats.

What is BMP Format?

BMP is an image file format developed by Microsoft. This format is old and simple, and so it doesn't compress images like newer formats do. But still, there are many advantages of using BMP:

Universal Usability: BMP is used in almost all software and operating systems. So you can open BMP files even on older computers or newer programs.

Clear and error-free: BMP file saves the image completely, without any loss. So this format is best when you want full picture quality.

Why Use iLoveIMG's Photo to BMP Converter?

iLoveIMG is a great tool to easily convert your photos to BMP format. Several reasons make it your first choice:

Effortless Conversion: No need to download software! Just upload your photos and the iLoveIMG web-based platform will do everything for you.

User-friendly interface: iLoveIMG's design is simple and easy to use, making BMP conversion easy for users of any technical skills.

Batch Processing: Save time and streamline your workflow by converting multiple photos at once. iLoveIMG offers you quick and efficient conversions for large image collections.

Free and Accessible: The photo-to-BMP converter feature is completely free, making iLoveIMG a budget-friendly option.

Photo to BMP Converter

  • Visit iLoveIMG: Go to "Convert to BMP" page (
  • Upload Photos: You can upload one or multiple photos at once.
  • Select Quality (optional): BMP makes for large files, so consider lowering the quality.
  • Convert: Click the "Convert" button.
  • Download BMP: Download your converted BMP files.
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