Photo to WBMP Converter

Convert photos to WBMP images for mobile devices with iLoveIMG's free tool. Perfect for black and white logos and simple graphics. Batch processing, easy drag and drop.

In today's world of high-resolution displays, a format like WBMP (Wireless Bitmap) may seem outdated. But don't worry! With iLoveIMG you can easily convert your photos to WBMP images.

What is WBMP and what is it used for?

WBMP (Wireless Bitmap) is a black and white image format designed for low resolution and color depth. It is used for displaying images on older mobile devices, generating QR codes and other barcodes, and for specific design requirements (such as small size and low color depth).

What Can Be Converted to WBMP?

iLoveIMG does conversions not only for your common JPG and PNG photos, but also from less-common formats like WBMP. This gives you the flexibility to adapt your photos for different platforms and applications.

For example: you want to use your photos as wallpaper on older mobile phones, which often require WBMP format. With iLoveIMG, you can easily convert your JPG or PNG photos to WBMP and use them on your phone.

WBMP is a black-and-white format. Therefore, converting color photos can result in loss of color and detail. Keeping this in mind, makes iLoveIMG a great tool for your black-and-white photos and other images that need to be converted to WBMP.

Batch Processing

You can save time by converting multiple photos at once. This is especially useful for converting large amounts of images or creating logo and icon sets for older mobile devices. You can convert up to 20 photos at a time.

Converts to WBMP

  • Visit iLoveIMG: Visit and select "Convert to WBMP".
  • Select Photo: Click "Select Image" and select the photos you want to convert. You can also drag and drop them.
  • Convert: Click the "Convert" button.
  • Download: Download your new WBMP files individually or in a ZIP file.

Note: WBMP is a less used format today. Before converting, make sure your device supports this format.

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