Photo to JP2 Converter

iLoveIMG's free photo to JP2 converter transforms JPGs and PNGs to high-resolution JP2 format. Perfect for archiving, zooming and lossless editing.

In today's digital age, maintaining the quality of photos is very important. Although formats like JPG are easy to use, they tend to produce low-quality photos, especially after editing. JP2 (JPEG 2000) is a good choice for that. JP2 Converter from iLoveIMG lets you convert your JPG and PNG photos to high-resolution JP2 format, which is great for photo archiving, zooming, and lossless editing.

What is JP2 Format?

JPEG 2000 (JP2) is an improved format for images that converts images to a smaller size using a technology called wavelets. In older formats such as JPG, the quality of images may decrease, but JP2 does not. In JP2 you can select several quality levels and the image is converted to a smaller size accordingly.

Why use JP2?

Archiving: JP2 preserves the quality of images for years, so this format is great for storing valuable photos and other images.

Zoom and Cropping: Because of the high resolution of JP2, you can zoom in on images and crop part of them while still retaining the detailed information of the images.

Editing: Editing images in JPG degrades their quality, but not in JP2. So you can do a variety of editing on images in JP2 and still retain their quality.

Why Use iLoveIMG's Photo to JP2 Converter?

There are many advantages of using iLoveIMG to convert photos to JP2:

Simple and fast: no need to download software! Convert photos directly in your web browser.

Easy to use: Easy to use interface, even kids can use it! Creating JP2 just got easier.

High quality images: iLoveIMG preserves the quality of your images. When converting to JP2 rather than JPG, you will get a better quality image, especially for important photos.

Free: Photo to JP2 conversion is completely free! It is a budget-friendly option to save your precious images.  

Converting Photos to JP2

  • Visit iLoveIMG: Go to "Convert to JP2" page (
  • Select Photo: Upload the JPG or PNG photo you want to convert.
  • (Optional) Adjust settings: You can change compression and quality (mostly not necessary).
  • Convert!: Click "Convert Image".
  • Download JP2: Download and use your new JP2 photos!
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