Photo to ICO Converter

iLoveIMG's free photo to ICO converter creates sleek icons from JPGs, PNGs and more. Effortless conversion for favicons and app icons in various sizes.

Icons used for apps, websites or files, these small visual elements have a big impact on the user experience. But making such signs can be a daunting task, especially for those with no design knowledge. iLoveIMG's Photo to ICO Converter is here to help! This converter instantly converts your photos (JPGs, PNGs) into attractive and professional looking ICO (icon) files.

What is ICO Format?

ICO is a versatile image format specifically designed to represent icons on the Windows operating system and many other applications. These are small, square images that are used to represent files, folders, and programs. Icons have many advantages, making them easier and more efficient to use on computers.

ICO Images also Use in Website Designing.

Why Use iLoveIMG's Photo to ICO Converter?

iLoveIMG is a great option to easily convert your photos to ICO format. Here is why?

Simple and fast: iLoveIMG is web-based, so no complex software is required. Just upload your photos and start converting!

Ease of Use: An easy-to-use interface makes creating an ICO easy even for beginners.

Sizes to suit your needs: You can choose a specific size as per your needs or create a set of sizes for different applications.

Free and Easily Available: The main photo-to-ICO conversion feature is completely free, making it an affordable option for your ICO needs.

So, the next time you want to convert your photos into ICOs, try iLoveIMG!

Converting Photos to ICO

  • Go to iLoveIMG's "Convert to ICO" page.
  • Upload the photos you want to convert to ICO.
  • Select icon size (optional). You can choose preset sizes or set your own sizes.
  • (Optional) Select a background. Choose transparent (for a versatile icon) or solid color.
  • Click the "Convert" button to start the conversion.
  • Download your generated ICO file.
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