Photo to HEIC Converter

iLoveIMG's free photo to HEIC converter shrinks file size without quality loss. Convert JPGs, PNGs and more to space-saving HEIC format for seamless iOS compatibility.

Today's smartphones take a lot of photos, but the storage runs out quickly. In such cases, Apple's HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) format is a great solution. This format significantly reduces the size of the photo, but preserves its quality. iLoveIMG's Photo to HEIC Converter lets you easily convert your JPG and PNG photos to HEIC format. The HEIC format is great for iPhone storage and doesn't take up too much space even when sharing photos.

What is HEIC Format?

HEIC is a new image format created by Apple that helps save space on your iPhone's storage and improve the quality of your photos.

Why use HEIC?

Takes up less space: HEIC files are smaller than JPG files, meaning you can store more photos on your phone or on iCloud.

Best in iOS: HEIC is the default image format for iPhone and iPad, so it works easily in iOS.

Better quality: HEIC files provide effective compression while preserving the detail of your photos, making them a great choice for your everyday photos.

How to use HEIC:

If you have an iPhone with iOS 11 or later, your iPhone will automatically take photos in HEIC format. You can also view and edit HEIC files on your computer, but you may need to download additional software.

Why Use iLoveIMG's Photo to HEIC Converter?

iLoveIMG is a great tool to easily convert your photos to HEIC format for several reasons:

Effortless conversion: no need to download software! Just visit the iLoveIMG website, upload your photos and start the conversion.

User-friendly interface: iLoveIMG is easy to use, even for beginners. Selecting and converting photos is very easy.

Batch Processing: Save Time! Convert multiple photos at once. This is great for your large photo collection.

Free and accessible: The main photo-to-HEIC conversion feature is completely free. This is a great way to save your iPhone's storage space.

iLoveIMG's Photo to HEIC Converter

It's easy! Just follow the steps below:

  • Visit iLoveIMG: Go to
  • Upload Photos: Click the "Select Images" button and select the photos you want to convert. You can select multiple photos at a time.
  • (Optional) Choose Quality: If you want to lower the quality of your HEIC files, use the "Quality" slider. Note that a lower quality will result in a smaller file size, but also lower image quality.
  • Convert: Click the "Convert" button and your photos will start converting to HEIC.
  • Download: After the conversion is complete, download your HEIC files by clicking the "Download" button.
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