Photo to TIFF Converter

Convert JPG, PNG to editable TIFFs with iLoveIMG's free online tool. Batch processing, lossless conversion and no software downloads.

In digital photography and graphic design, image quality is a top priority. The TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format excels in this field, providing additional image data and flexibility without loss.

But what if you already have photos you want to convert to a high-quality format? iLoveIMG is a user-friendly online tool that enables you to easily convert JPG, PNG and other photos seamlessly into editable TIFF files.

Supported Formats

iLoveIMG doesn't just convert "photos"! It lets you convert to a wide variety of image formats, including TIFF.

What you can convert to TIFF with iLoveIMG:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • And much more!

Convert Multiple Images at Once

iLoveIMG lets you convert multiple photos to TIFF at once. This can save your time. you can convert upto 20 photos at a time.

Lossless Conversion for Uncompromised Images

iLoveIMG ensures lossless conversion and editable output when converting your photos to TIFF:

  • Preserve original details: The conversion process preserves all the information in your photo in TIFF, maintaining high quality.
  • Layered composition: You can easily edit your TIFF files in software like Adobe Photoshop, changing the layers.

Converts Photo to TIFF

Visit iLoveIMG: Visit and click on "Convert" tab. Select "Convert to TIFF" from the drop-down menu.

Upload Photos: Click the "Choose Image" button and select the photos you want to convert. You can also drag and drop them directly into the upload area. You can select multiple photos at once, useful for batch conversions.

(Optional) Choose output settings: iLoveIMG will automatically choose the best TIFF settings for your photo. However, if you want to change things like compression level, color space and other options, you can click on "More Options".

Start conversion: Click the "Convert" button and iLoveIMG will convert your photos to TIFF. Wait a few moments for the process to complete.

Download TIFF files: Once the conversion is complete, you will be given the option to download your TIFF files. You can download each file individually or download all files together in a ZIP file.

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