Photo to HEIF Converter

iLoveIMG's free photo to HEIF converter shrinks file size with minimal quality loss. Convert JPGs, PNGs and more to space-saving HEIF format for seamless iOS compatibility.

Our smartphones are our true companions, capturing every moment and treasureing our memories. But with these digital memories comes a big challenge: lack of space! iPhones, famous for their limited storage, soon fill up with photos. But fear not, fellow photo lovers! There are two heroes to help you: HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) and iLoveIMG's Photo to HEIF Converter.

What is HEIF Format?

Imagine a superhero costume that can shrink in size but retain its awesome powers. HEIF is the same for your photos! Developed by Apple, this smart compression technique significantly reduces file size compared to traditional JPG, without compromising image quality. That means more photos and more memories to keep on your iPhone!

Why use iLoveIMGs for HEIF Conversion?

Why iLoveIMG is the right choice for your HEIF conversion?

Simple and easy: no need to download complicated software! iLoveIMG is a web-based platform, meaning all you have to do is upload your photos and start the conversion process.

User-friendly interface: no technical knowledge required! The interface is extremely simple, making it possible for anyone to convert to HEIF.

Save time: convert multiple photos at once! If you want to convert multiple photos, iLoveIMG helps you save time and trouble.

Free: The main photo-to-HEIF conversion feature is completely free! It's a budget-friendly option to expand your iPhone's storage capacity.

Photo to HEIF Converter 

Simply put, HEIF is a new format for your photos that can save more space than JPEG. You can easily convert your photos to HEIF using websites like iLoveIMG.

To do this:

  • Go to iLoveIMG:
  • Upload your photos: You can select one or multiple photos at a time.
  • (Optional) Adjust the HEIF quality: If you want to save as much space as possible, you can reduce the quality to reduce the file size.
  • Click "Convert": iLoveIMG will do the work for you.
  • Download your HEIF photos: Your new, space-saving photos are now ready to download to your computer!
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