Photo to RAW Converter

iLoveIMG's free online tool supports JPG, PNG and more to Convert editable RAW files. Easy batch processing and no software downloads neeeded.

Did you spoil the photo by enlarging it in the photo editor? This happens naturally when trying to get a good photo. Sometimes we miss a detail or apply the wrong filter and spoil the photo. But don't despair! iLoveIMG comes to your rescue!

iLoveIMG has a wonderful tool that lets you convert your edited photos back to RAW format. A RAW file is the original file captured directly from your camera, which contains a huge amount of information. iLoveIMG can't make full RAW files, but it can convert your edited JPEGs, PNGs and many other formats to RAW format like DNG (Digital Negative).

The RAW format offers more flexibility for further editing compared to standard JPEG. This means you can make more changes to your photos and customize them to your liking. Because RAW files contain more data, you can adjust highlights and shadows, do a better job of color correction, and even regain lost detail.

What Can You Convert Back and Why?

How converting to RAW can be useful for over-edited and compressed photos:

  • Over-edited JPEG and PNG: You can give new life to over-edited photos by converting them to DNG. DNG facilitates more flexibility and adjustment in more professional editing software.
  • Compressed images: If you've downsized a photo and lost some quality, converting to DNG can help you recover some of the information after editing.

Note: While DNG may offer more editing freedom than JPEG, it cannot fully recover information lost due to excessive editing or severe compression.

Batch Processing

Like other conversion features, iLoveIMG allows you to convert multiple DNG photos at once. It is very useful for photographers and graphic designers who need to manage large amounts of DNG files. You can convert up to 20 photos to Raw at a time.

Converting Photos to RAW

  • Visit the iLoveIMG website:
  • Click "Convert to RAW". This will take you to the conversion page.
  • Click on "Select Image" and select your photo. You can select one or multiple photos from your computer. You can also upload photos by drag and drop.
  • You can select the output format for the converted file. Many formats are available such as JPG, PNG or TIFF. If you don't select an output format, iLoveIMG will choose the best format for your file.
  • Click "Convert". iLoveIMG will convert your photos and provide you with download options.
  • Download your converted photos. You can download each photo individually or download all photos together in a ZIP file.
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